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To mail order see below for payment and shipping information and of course available here at the nursery.

Plus we are more than willing to reserve items for pickup here at a later date.


Roses were North Creek's original specialty and remain so. I'm sure many of you visiting this site are in search of roses.

We feature Rugosa roses and a sprinkling of other hardy and undemanding roses. North Creek is a warm zone 5 but not an easy climate with ferocious winds and winters mostly open, often icy, without a benevolent snow cover. However, most all of our roses will be hardy to colder zones. Feel free to inquire about hardiness recommendations.

I'm assuming that most folks interested in the less usual types of roses we offer will be knowledgeable gardeners but for those of you who are unseasoned, these roses are no nonsense, easy to grow and appropriate subjects for novice rose growers.

All of North Creek's gardens are organic and consequently the approximately 400 varieties of roses here do well under this regime. No pampering and no spraying and often little or no attention from season to season. But these roses do need their requirements met and good siting is most important. Roses like sun, at least 6 hours of strong light. Reblooming roses require more light - once bloomers are more accommodating. Roses also require good drainage, no fudging here. A good sized planting hole with good tilth and fertile soil will definitely pay dividends. Other than that - good roses are shrubs and behave likewise and common sense gardening is all that is needed.

Shipping and Payment

All items are available for shipping.
All plant orders must be paid at time of order to remove plants from inventory.
We do not substitute or backorder, and any plants we are not able to ship, we will immediately refund the cost.

For plant orders there is a $3.50 handling charge. We ship priority mail and shipping charges are billed at cost.
Shipping begins in April for plants and extends through May weather permitting -

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover by phone, fax, snail mail:
Phone/fax 207 389-1341, Snailmail: North Creek Farm, 24 Sebasco Rd, Phippsburg, Me 04562
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