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Vegetable Seeds

Franchi Seeds for 2015

For those of you who revel in the delight and sweet joy of creating vegetables and flowers from seed. Seven years ago I purchased my first Franchi seeds and these are now almost exclusively what we grow. The packaging alone is enough to fuel the fires of gardening passion for even the most jaded gardeners, glistening and glowing full color vegetables and flowers simply leap at winter weary gardener's hearts and mind.

But then the seeds - best germination par none, truest to variety, most vigorous, tastiest, productive and appropriate for our northern growing zone! Our favorites from the many more offered in our store.

Price: $3.00 per pkt. for very generous packets.

Beans, pole: Supermarconi
You know how chocolate tasted better as a kid? I thought 'Italian Beans' did too, but these beans are even better than I remembered. 'Slip' skinned, broad podded, tender, stringless and divine!
Chard: Bietola da Coste Bionda de Lione
The finest, tenderest and most delicious chard and the only chard we grow. Large pale green wavy leaves with wide and sweet, tender stems.
Herbs: Argugula - Rucola Sel Ortolani
Simply the best of the cultivated arugulas that we have grown. Larger leaves, spicier taste, longer holding in the garden, etc.
Lettuce: Misticanza - mesclun mix
14 Italian varieties of lettuce for delightful all summer long salads. A productive selection which can be thinned and grown on for head lettuce.
Squash - summer: Romanesco
Our favorite, delicious, nutty - flavored summer squash. Solid fruits, heavily ribbed and beautiful when sliced. A dependable producer over a long season with large flowers of substance which are especially fine for cooking.
Beets: Chioggia
These are not your standard beets but a vegetable apart. If you know somebody who claims to dislike beets, you'll win an easy bet on these. Handsome, smooth roots (with tasty - tender green tops) which when sliced reveal concentric circles of pale and deeper pink. The flavor is sweet and mild, nearly fruity.
Chard: Verde da Taglio
what we call 'perpetual spinach' and also known as a leaf beet. A cut and come again spinach 'stand in' from early season through hard frosts and indispensable in our gardens.
Herbs: Basil - Napoletano Bolloso
Huge, tender lettuce - like leaves with an intense aroma and flavor. One leaf will wrap a slice of tomato and mozzarella! Plants are productive and healthy.
Onion - scallion: Cipollotto da Mazzi
Scallions are a staple in my cooking and these attained highest marks! A very special spring onion that when left to grow on, produces the very nicest big bunches of even better scallions!
Squash - winter: Padana
A squash from NW Italy that is so different and spectacular, it is hard to describe. Typical squashes are 8-9 lbs., round with wide raised burnt orange ribs and speckled dark green 'valleys' between the ribs. Sweet and most tasty, dry orange flesh.
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