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Flower Seeds

flower-seeds-pageFranchi Flowers 2015

The following are annuals which I consider absolutely essential in my garden. However, as easy and easily obtainable as these are, the market is rife with inferior seeds and miserable selections.

For awhile I mused that perhaps it was memory infused with imagination, or a Maine gardener's lust for growing things sandwiched between our winters ...but no, they are really excellent seeds and very best selections and these follow.

Price per packet $3.00

Morning Glory - Ipomea Blu (Heavenly Blue)
If you think that all seeds of a variety are equal, here is a case in point. Heavenly Blue is all over the spectrum from early to too late, wimpy to overly vigorous with nary a bloom.

I've had as many successes as absolutely miserable failures, depending on the source of seed. Franchi's Heavenly Blues are truly heavenly.

Nasturzio Nano (shorter) Multicolor
Nasturtiums that perform all season with a never ending abundance blossoms.
Papavero Rhoeas Semplice Rosso
The single red "Corn Poppy".
which are so perfectly ethereal. All sorts are fine with me, particularly the self seeding annuals which surprise us in unexpected places and mix from year to year in unexpected hues. My favorites are the rhoeas which are tall enough for a presence in the gardens without being thugs and pick nicely ( if picked just upon opening first thing in the morning) without the fuss of scorching the stems. These are especially for those of you who admire our poppies which are an unplanned mix of the following two varieties blended into a variety of colors over the years.
Are at the top of my annual flower lists. I've tried rarest heirloom varieties that barely topped 4" and begrudgingly put forth a blossom here and maybe there, etc. These two Franchi selections are the finest nasturtiums I've ever grown. First, nasturtiums in a single color are silly and miss the whole point and secondly the possible color range of these most wonderful plants is ... just pure magic, which is what you'll find here.
Nasturzio Rampicante (climbing) Multicolor
The choice where you'd care for a very vigorous plant and the above.
Papavero Shirley Mix
A selection of the above in pastel shades with an occasional white or red.