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Suzy Verrier
North Creek Farm

Read my article,
"Some of My Favorite Roses"
published by Paul Barden in his May 2001 issue of Old Garden Roses and Beyond, the Rose Growers Source website.
Shrub Roses

See also Climbing and Species Roases

Autumn Sunset

A sport of Westerland differing only in blossoms of yellow tores.

4' x 4' - $15.00 

Fred Loads

An old favorite that somehow never was planted here at North Creek.  Now I'm ready for Fred; I've missed the large flaring-blaring semi-double orange blossoms. Growth habit similar to Westerland.  5' or more high x 31/2' - $15.00

Prairie Celebration

A Canadian jewel. Single very bright pink/crimson blossoms on a very hardy shrub.

4' x 4' - $15.00 


See climbing roses

Birdie Blye

Clusters of double mid pink blossoms all summer on a small rambler-ish shrub that would look perfectly at home on grandma's fence.
4 1/2' high by as much - $15.00 

Orleans Rose

Large panicles of small semi-double flowers - clear bright pink with a white eye.  An old Polyantha that blooms profusely throughout the summer and up 'til a hard freeze.  31/2' high x 31/2' - $15.00 

Sally Holmes

Large single white blossoms, blushed pink.  Upright growth.
4 1/2' high x 3' - $15.00