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Rugosa Roses

These are Maine's beloved "Beach Roses" and their hybrid cousins. Healthy, hardy, and handsome roses with heavenly fragrances that carry on the breezes, repeat bloom, colorful hips and brightly hued fall foliage.

 2015 Indicates roses that have been confirmed for spring shipment - updates will follow


A lovely pale lemony-apricot with a fragrance of damask roses. Once blooming but Agnes pours her heart out for the performance. The best yellow rugosa and one of the very best hardy yellow roses.
5' high x 5' Budded - $15.00  2015

Belle Poitevine

A lovely old classic rugosa with large blowsy, soft mallow-pink blossoms and deeper pink veining. I know of an old hedge of Belle on the seashore which is beyond beautiful!
5' high x 5' - $15.00

Charles Albanel

Big bold, semi-double rich pink blooms and large showy hips bespeak the character of this very good, and dependably low growing rose. An excellent subject for ground cover or hedging.
1 1/2' high x 4' - $15.00 

David Thompson

I'm afraid I was a mite harsh on this rose in my book 'Rosa Rugosa' but have really come to appreciate this rose over the years. A dense growing shrub with smaller foliage and very nice double, soft crimson flowers. This is one reblooming rugosa that does quite well in less than ideal light conditions.
4' high x 4' - $15.00 


Charming frilled white blushed pink blossoms.
4'x 4' - $15.00 

Fru Dagmar Hastrup

(and this is absolutely the correct spelling!)
A very lovely old classic rugosa with ethereal poppy-like, single pale pink flowers and handsome large scarlet hips. Plus the best autumn colors of any rugosa.
4' high x 4'  - $15.00  2015


A taller vase shaped version of Magnifica with even more fragrance. Can be prone to Raspberry stem girdler in some regions. An old classic.
6-7' high x 5'. $15.00  

Jens Munk

A well shaped shrub with tight growth habit and quick to establish. A prolific bloomer with very pretty open, doubled bright clear pink blossoms but doesn't set hips.
5' high x 5' - $15.00 

Linda Campbell

The best of the true red rugosas. Large clusters of elegant buds open to double flowers over glossy foliage.
5' high x 4' - $15.00  2015

Marie Bugnet

Snow white double blooms & fragrant.  Compact & low growing.
3' high x 3' - $15.00  2015

Mme Georges Bruant

A rugosa crossed x climbing tea rose and a lovely white rugosa. Large semi-double blossoms with wavy petals. Handsome olive green foliage with rusty red tints and long elegant buds. Can take a hit in a bad winter here but always survives.
6' high by almost as much - $15.00

Mont Blanc

Large nodding semi-double white blooms with a hint of blush and a nice perfume. The foliage is elongated and healthy and the shrub is well shaped with a good repeat and showy hips.
5' high x 4' - $15.00

Nyveldt's White

rosenyveldtswhiteLarge flaring single snow-white flowers somewhat resembling a clematis. A lovely thing and one of my favorite whites. Once blooming but more tolerant of shade.
5 1/2' high x 4' - $15.00 2015

Polareis (Ritausma, Polar Ice)

rosepolareisAdmired by all who feast their eyes on this big beauty. A profusion of clusters of creamy-white double blossoms tinged and centered with shell pink. Sweet grass and strawberry scented new foliage.
6-7' high by as much - $15.00  2015

Rosa Rugosa Alba

The white form of the species or the species variable from shades of pink to white - $10.00   2015

Roseraie De L'Hay

Another classic rugosa with beautifully formed, double bright purple-crimson flowers with a strong perfume.
6' high x 5' Budded - $15.00  2015

Rugosa Superba (Scabrosa)

A larger more refined version of R. rugosa rubra in flowers, hips and foliage.
6' x 6'. $15.00 

Schneeberg (Pristine Pavement)

A lovely semi-double white rugosa with some what nodding blossoms and a hint of blush. Clusters of blossoms and mounded growth habit. 3 1/2' high x 3' - $15.00 

Souvenir de Philemon Cochet

Fully double snow white blossoms with hints of blush and green, resembling a double hollyhock, upright growth. A lovely rose!
5' high x 4' - $15.00  2015


rosewasagamingA perfectly wonderful rugosa x bourbon rose which bears buckets of big, mid-pink bourbon type and fragranced blooms. Once flowering but Wasagaming will steal the show from any other rugosa when in full bloom.
5' high x 5' - $15.00  2015

Amelie Gravereaux

A delightful rose with large mauve-crimson blossoms, doubled with handsome centers of gold stamens. Good repeat on a tidy upright shrub of older heritage.
5' high x 4' Budded - $15.00 

Blanc Double de Coubert

Large loosely double snow-white flowers with an excellent perfume. Upright growth habit.
5' high x 4' - $15.00  2015

Dart's Dash

Very handsome deep pink-crimson, semi-double blooms with exceptionally large and plentiful, bright scarlet hips.
4' high x 4' - $15.00  2015


An old favorite of mine with blowsy lilac-pink semi-double blossoms and one of the best fragrances among the rugosas.
4' high x 3' - $15.00

Foxi (Foxi Pavement)

Very handsome and showy, large mid-pink, semi-double blooms on on a well behaved shrub.
3' high x 3' - $15.00  2015

Grootendorst Supreme

Old prejudices aside, someone gave me one of these and I must admit Supreme has bloomed itself silly, been extra healthy and I do like the bright deep saturated crimson-pink color in the garden.
4'x 4' - $15.00  2015

Henry Hudson

Handsome small dark green foliage with dense mounding and spreading growth. Bright crimson buds open to flattened snow-white blooms with centers of yellow stamens.
4' high x 4' - $15.00

Single deep crimson - pink blossoms on a once blooming vigorous, hardy, shrub from Siberia. 5' high x 5' wide - $15.00

Large doubled crimson-magenta blossoms with a strong heady fragrance. Wider than tall mounding growth.
4' high x 5' - $15.00  2015

Max Graf

The only true ground cover rugosa with long (to 10') sprawling canes with very vigorous growth and prostrate habit. Healthy glossy green foliage and non-recurrent large single bright pink blossoms with a white eye. very beautiful and very hardy and can be trained as a climber. 10' high (or long) x 10' - $15.00

Moje Hammarberg

Similar to Magnifica but with larger, softer crimson flowers.
4' high x 5' - $15.00  2015

Mrs. Anthony Waterer

An old rugosa x hybrid perpetual with glowing crimson-red semi-double blooms. This rose resembles an antique rose more than a rugosa.
4' high x 5' - $15.00  

Pierette (Pierette Pavement, Yankee Lady)

pieretteLow spreading and lax growth, unusual for a rugosa. Large, showy, soft clear pink semi-double blooms.
4' high x 4' - $15.00  2015

Rokoko (Showy or Pink Pavement)

Large handsome, pink touched with salmon, semi-double blossoms. Compact growth.
3 1/2' x 3 1/2'. $15.00 

Rosa Zwerg (Dwarf Pavement)

Large, semi-double and very pretty soft pink blossoms on the most compact shrub of this series.
3 1/2' high x 3 1/2' - $15.00

Rotes Meer (Purple Pavement)

Very handsome deep crimson-purple blooms followed by a particularly nice display of large hips and colorful fall foliage.
4' high x 3 1/2' - $15.00  2015

Schnee Eule (White Pavement)

Also Snow Owl and in my opinion the best of the white pavement series and perhaps one of the best white rugosas. Semi-double snow white flowers and a neat upright but bushy habit. 4 1/2' high x 3 1/2' - $15.00  2015

Schneekoppe (Snow Pavement)

Semi-double flowers open a distinct lavender and pale to white. Elongated matte gray-green foliage.
3' high x 2 1/2' - $15.00

Topaz Jewel

Unable to procure Agnes for the last several years, we will offer this yellow rugosa. Not equal to Agnes, but the next best yellow rugosa.

4' x 4' - $15.00 

White Grootendorst

Same as the Grootendoorst Supreme, but with white blossoms.

4' x 4' - $15.00