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Climbing Roses

 2015 indicates roses that have been confirmed for spring shipment - updates will follow

Darlow's Enigma

The more I grow this rose, the more I appreciate this climber.  Tall growing, repeat blooming into late fall, with musk perfumed small double white blossoms in clusters.  Quite shade tolerant and will happily climb its way through low branching trees.  8' - 10' high x 5' - $15.00 2015

Ghislaine de Feligonde

Large clusters of double apricot yellow - paling to cream - blossoms.  Repeat blooming.
8' high by almost as much wide - $15.00  2015

Lillian Gibson

Unquestionably the best climber for our climate. Semi double salmon pink flowers in profusion on one extended flowering. Vigorous, extremely hardy and nearly thornless. 

Up to 12' - Liners only this year $10.00

New Dawn

An indisputable classic climbing rose which deserves this status. Repeat blooming with soft silvery pink, well formed blossoms against glossy foliage and vigorous growth.
10-12' high by almost as much - $15.00  2015

Rosa Setigera

See Species Roses


An old rambler with clusters of white centered pink blossoms.  Another name for this rose is "Thousand Beauties" which is very apt.
8' high x 6' - $15.00 

William Baffin

A very hardy climber or huge shrub if left unsupported. Long upright and strong canes with bright green and healthy foliage. Clusters of bright deep pink flowers which repeat well into fall.
10' or more x 8' - $15.00 

Dr. W. Van Fleet

Like its sport New Dawn except once blooming but much more vigorous and can't be equaled for profusion of bloom.
15' high x 12' - $15.00 

Isabella Skinner

Large pendulous clusters in shades of pink. Fragrant, hardy and repeat blooming.
9'-12' high x 6' wide - $15.00  2015

Lucy Irene

A sport of William Baffin with soft pink blossoms.

10' or more x 8' - $15.00

Ramblin' Red

I'm not partial to blazing red roses and it has taken me awhile to admit I really like and enjoy this climber.  Non-fading blossoms in flushes throughout summer with handsome foliage.  5' - 6' high by about as much - $15.00 

Sky's the Limit

New to us this year. Butter yellow semi-double blooms, prolific and repeat blooming. A species derivitive and reputed to be hardy.

Up to 10' - $15.00


Alluring and flouncy deep apricot blooms above dark foliage. A show stopper. Can take a hit in a hard winter but always returns in the spring.
15'-20' high x and as much wide - $15.00 2015