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Antique Roses

 2015  Indicates roses that have been confirmed for spring shipment - updates will follow

Alain Blanchard

Gallica with semi-double cupped blossoms of deep red with a black blush and paler "freckles".  Fragrant.
5' high x 4' - $15.00  2015


A very old and wonderfully fragrant damask that wafts it's perfume.  Semi-double "informal" blossoms of soft pink.
5' high x 4' - $15.00 

Felicite Parmentier

Another old Alba with palest shell-pink, very doubled & quartered flowers with a lovely fragrance.
4' high x 3' - $15.00 

La Belle Sultane

A taller gallica with almost single velvety purple-crimson flowers with a darker blush.
5-6' high x 4' - $15.00 

Mme. Hardy

Damask with the wonderful Damask fragrance. Doubled snow white blossoms with a gree button eye.
5' high x 5' - $15.00  2015

Belle Amour

Alba with loosely double blooms of soft salmon pink.  Fragrant.
4' high x 3' - $15.00  2015

Fantin Latour

Either an old Alba or Centifolia - opinions differ. Nevertheless a lovely shell pink with very doubled blooms and a fragrance to match.
5' high x 4' - $15.00 2015

James Mason

Not a true antique but of antique lineage. Sometimes a rose is just so good that these are taken for granted - tough, stunning and undemanding but always appreciated for its attention getting, large semi-double, fragrant, bright crimson flowers.
5' high x 4' - $15.00 

Maiden's Blush

Another 'always to be depended on' old rose. An Alba with enticing blush pink blossoms and a lovely fragrance to match.
5' high x 5' - $15.00 

The Bishop

Sometimes listed as a centifolia  but to me a gallica. Very profuse double blooms of bright cerise fading to mauve tones.
4 1/2' by as much wide - $15.00