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Suzy Verrier
North Creek Farm

Gardening Merchandise
Following are a few items that we have here at North Creek that we consider to be absolutely indispensable!

This nursery person's trowel is perfectly balanced, indestructible, and truly a lifetime tool. There is no trowel design that can challenge this one. 14" long overall with forged steel blade and hardwood handle. I own three and two are antiques that were passed down to me. I have abused them all in every manner imaginable but none show damage and you can't tell them apart! $30.00
Don't be deterred by the low price, these are durable, faultlessly designed, ideally sized and are simply the best pruners you will ever use. A hair over 6" long with curved blades that grab and a snub nose that snugs comfortably into a pocket. $18.00
I really can't find the superlatives to describe this product. Developed by a California biochemist, it has been on the market for over 50 years, selling itself. A compound of vitamins and hormones used in conjunction with fertilizer, it promotes healthy growth and increases bloom. though especially effective for roses, I use Superthrive on perennials, annuals, vegetables and houseplants. It will revive wilted or stressed plants and lengthen the life of cut flowers. Probably many more uses but find out for yourself!.
Superthrive liquid super concentrate:
4 oz $11.50
1 pt $33.50
Hand Hoe
A trooper of a weeder that takes the worst abuse, yet is light weight, perfectly sized and a joy to use. From handy hanging loop to blade - 10 3/4'' long with a sharp, sharp edge that holds forever. $ 11.50

Our fertilizer of choice and consistent with our organic preferences. Originally created for French vineyards and the top selling fertilizer in France. Quite distinctly different and made from all natural ingredients that are readily available to plants. Packs a real punch and is ordorless too. A one liter bottle makes 115 gallons of fertilizer.

All purpose formula NPK 6-6-6
1 liter bottle $10.00

Sea Blend Soil Conditioner
The soil should be as alive as anything that grows. Micro-organisms are the necessary link between nutriments and the plants. Sea Blend soil activator provides a multitude of micro-organisms. This can be applied anytime in the gardening season on new or existing gardens. Sprinkle on, scratch in or till in - or better yet, apply then mulch with compost. This really makes a huge difference! If you have a problem area do try Sea Blend.
1 lb treats 250 sq feet.
Available in 5 lb bags for $15.00